Hospital Access:

About the company:

Hospital Access offers a professional online qualification for anyone working in and accessing hospitals with the exception of critical care areas. For hospital staff and company representatives, this online qualification ensures compliance with all regulations, legal principles, hospital standards and reinforces best practice. The course is an externally validated, competence-based qualification that is internationally recognised as the National Occupational Standard.

What they are after:

Hospital Access offers their course strictly online, so a digital marketing campaign was essential for the company launch. The founder of the company was in need of website and a comprehensive strategy that would target professional working in and accessing hospitals across the UK to sell their online course.

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Hospital Access approached HCSM to design a mobile-friendly and Search Engine Optimised website and a digital marketing strategy that would satisfy their marketing goals. Since their launch, HCSM has provided a 360 degrees marketing approach that has ranked Hospital Access as one of the top search results for hospital accreditation on Google and across social media platforms.

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