Kirsty Jenkins, Copywriter and User Experience Expert

Kirsty is an experienced content and copy writer, with a degree in journalism and background in communications.  She's well versed in writing for a variety of audiences,  having worked for both high profile public sector organisations and private companies. She's trained in user experience design and loves to be involved in all aspects of the creative development process. On her personal blog, Twinkle Toast, you'll find posts on travel, fashion and reviews of books and movies. A keen foodie (a passion she shares with Angela!) she's usually the first one to try any new restaurants or bars in the city. Kirsty believes in the power of strong, emotive copy to inspire action. Like most writers, influenced by Hemingway and the greats, she wants to travel the world and write all about it. Her dream destination? Japan, closely followed by South America. For now, there's enough happening in Glasgow to keep her busy!