Angela Esposito, Founder

Angela Esposito is an experienced social media manager who has been responsible for the development and sale of creative marketing campaigns for over 50 companies across the UK, Europe and the United States and is now founder of HCSM.

Angela has been the lead project manager responsible for creating viral worthy social media content, organising video shoots and promotional events for brands, running online and event based advertising and sponsorship campaigns and growing our client base and the business by introducing new revenue streams such as website development, SEO and other digital marketing services for the last 7 years in Glasgow, Scotland and New York City, USA.

In addition to her career as a digital marketer, she has recently completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow where she was investigating International Television Show Formats in the Digital Era.

She has conducted a number of business and media workshops and have worked in NYC as a journalist and digital marketer and in Sydney, Australia at Channel 7 News. She has even given international media talks in Norway, Poland, London and Glasgow and has been a guest lecturer on multiple occasions for the MSc Media Management students at the University of Glasgow and in Scottish high schools.

Favourite colour: nude pink