Copy of The Fundamentals of Compelling Selling on Your Personal Social Media Profile


Becoming an expert communicator will fast-track your career achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions. Follow these five fundamentals of compelling selling on your personal social media channels.

  1. Defining Your Goal: What are you trying to achieve? (Persuade, influence, convince, reassure).

  2. Identifying Your SOCO: What is the one single thought you want to leave with and what emotion do you want to make them feel?

  3. Profiling Your Audience: Who are they? What matters to them? In what way do you want to influence them? Why do they care? What do they need to hear? How can you say that?

  4. Establishing Your Persona: How to always be you on a good day; achieving authenticity; manifesting your chosen qualities (empathetic, sincere, knowledgeable, trustworthy, exciting, passionate). You and your audience can only be in one emotional state.

  5. Building Your Confidence: Mindfulness (in the now), confronting negative emotions and internal terrors (fake, fraud, boring, wrong, irrelevant, unprepared) and emphasising positive passion (always telling good news).

Stay tuned for more hints and tips. - Ang